Addiction Assessment

The word addiction is so often used in popular culture that sometimes, it’s easy to overlook one’s symptoms. Some forms of addiction are considered dependence and people are able to live full lives while more severe forms of addiction can effect one's daily functions and quality of life. We've created a screening tool to help you find out where you stand on this drug and alcohol use spectrum and are offering it for free for a limited time. Take your online drug and alcohol usage screening quiz today.

WHAT IS Addiction? 

Neurologists state that addiction is a disease of the brain.  They state that an addict will lose their logical thinking as a result of the way the drugs affect their brain. This is why they’ll choose their drug of choice over things like food, family, work, etc.

The general consensus is that addicts do not choose to become addicts.  They don’t intentionally use alcohol or drugs with the intent of becoming addicted. Now, you’ve seen how they may have risk factors involved, which can increase their chances of becoming addicted, but they still aren’t consciously choosing to become addicts.

Take our free addiction assessment to learn your risk of drug or alcohol dependence. 


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