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  • Finding the Courage to Seek Treatment from Addiction
    You've slowly realized you need help for drug or alcohol dependence - Learn what the next steps are now. Read more
  • How to spot your triggers for drug relapse
    Regardless of what your triggers are and how often they come up for you, the best thing to do is to be able to identify them before you’re gravely affected by them. Expecting that you’ll have triggers is also good practice; planning for how you’re going to overcome them is even better. Read more
  • Confronting a loved one about their addiction
    Experts and mental health professionals will advise that the best time to get help for anyone abusing substances or addictive behaviors is always right now. Don’t wait. Addiction is progressive, and a person’s descent is often rapid. Read more
  • What Makes Drugs So Addictive?
    What makes drugs so addictive? Read on to learn what effects drugs have on the body as well as why some people are more predisposed to addiction and others aren't. Read more
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