• My child has separation anxiety and refuses to go to school. Help!
    As the summer winds down, millions of children are getting ready to head back to school. For most of them, it’s an exciting and happy occasion, hugging friends they haven’t Read more
  • Are these just nerves, or is this anxiety?
    Sara had been steadily climbing up the corporate ladder at work – she’d begun as a part-time, seasonal employee at a small, upscale clothing boutique in the quiet town she’d Read more
  • What is depersonalization disorder?
    If you’ve ever felt detached from your own body and thoughts, as well as your feelings, or if you’ve ever felt disconnected from the world around you, you may be Read more
  • What are some lesser-known symptoms of anxiety?
    Typically, when people hear about anxiety symptoms, it’s restlessness, irritability, and difficulty controlling those scary, worrisome fears. But there are actually other symptoms you might dismiss or fail to recognize as Read more
  • What's the connection between anxiety and sleep?
    Have anxiety and can’t sleep?You’re not alone.It feels like a never-ending cycle, doesn’t it? Your mind is racing, so you can’t sleep; and because you can’t sleep, you’re exhausted the Read more
  • How can I quickly address stress?
    Looking for easy ways to destress? Read more
  • Kids and generalized anxiety disorder
    Children and teenagers can experience anxiety too. Young people who have generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, report feeling stressed out and excessively, uncontrollably worried about what we might consider trivial matters, as well as about future events. Read more
  • 5 Tips for Helping a Child with Anxiety
    Anxiety disorders know no age, gender or life stage. Anxiety can affect anyone, and children are not excluded from anxiety’s grip.Child stress is common. It causes extreme fear and overwhelming worry, and can cause significant and worrisome changes in a child’s behavior and mood. It can even affect their eating habits, and disrupt sleep. Read more
  • What is Trichotillomania?
    Trichotillomania or trich (that’s the short form) is a disorder that causes people to pull out hair from anywhere there’s hair, like the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, underarms, legs, even the pubic area region. Read more
  • Anxiety and impulse control disorders
    But first things first. There’s nothing abnormal or atypical about having some anxiety. There’s nothing abnormal or atypical with being impulsive, especially if it’s just now and again. We’ve all experienced moments that have made our hearts race, our blood pump, and our sweat glands go into overdrive. Read more
  • Why can’t I seem to be able to “break up” with my anxiety?
    It’s true that having an anxiety disorder can wreak havoc in a relationship, especially when the partner without anxiety doesn’t fully understand the symptoms or the potential gravity of the disorder. Read more
  • Perfectionism: another facet of anxiety
    Perfectionism, characterized by a person’s need to be perfect using unattainably high standards and a desire to succeed at any cost, is considered a personality trait and not necessarily a disorder on its own. Read more
  • Personality disorders and impulse control disorders
    Mental health professionals categorize the various types of personality disorders into three groups, or clusters – the personality disorders within each cluster are defined by similar symptoms and/or characteristics. Read more
  • My friend is a kleptomaniac – how can I help?
    Kleptomania is an impulse control disorder. It’s marked by the inability to stop oneself from the urge to steal. Usually, the individual with kleptomania steals item that he or she doesn’t even need, and are probably items that don’t have much monetary value. Experts explain that the disorder is characterized by challenges with self-control and emotions; when a person with kleptomania has the urge to steal something, the pressure is on until he or she commits the act. Even with the potential of major repercussions – guilt, remorse, even an arrest – the kleptomaniac feels the need to steal anyway. Read more
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