• Questions to ask yourself before you quit therapy
    Angela had been in therapy for the last year; having lost her grandfather, who’d raised her, just as the pandemic hit, and then losing her job as a result of Read more
  • Do I have postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety?
    At 28 years old, Malia was delighted to have had an easy pregnancy – she’d had no major health issues, was thrilled with newfound glowing skin after having suffered from Read more
  • What is catastrophic thinking?
    Jamie, 19, is a college student who was diagnosed with anxiety at 13. She says that while she has been able to manage her anxiety through the years, the toughest Read more
  • How writing helped me with my depression
    The following post was told to HOPE. Names have been changed for privacy. My name is Bill, and I’m 55. I believe I’ve had depression since I was 18, but wasn’t Read more
  • How to let go
    When you’re clinically depressed or anxious, the age-old phrase “let it go” can seem hurtful or demeaning, as if people are asking you to just “shrug off” your pain. But Read more
  • What is high-functioning anxiety?
    Tips for those with high-functioning anxiety Read more
  • Shame
    Shame – it’s the accompanying emotion to depression and anxiety. If you suffer from depression or any kind of anxiety disorder, you may be dealing with feelings of shame too. It’s Read more
  • Positive parenting: A guide for parenting a child with ADHD
    Parenting is, so often, full of negative reinforcement – “No, you cannot wear shorts in the snow,” and “No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to eat ice cream and hot dogs for breakfast.” To be able to say yes feels so refreshing. Read more
  • Overcoming OCD Fears: How Exposure and Response Prevention Works
    Do you remember times growing up when you begged for permission to stay in bed and skip school to avoid a problem? Tough tests, fights with friends, heartbreaks, embarrassment, and Read more
  • The Many Facets of OCD: Why Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is Misunderstood
    While obsessive-compulsive disorder takes many forms, they all feature intrusive and unwanted thoughts and rituals or urges to help neutralize their impact. Read more
  • The ABCs of School Anxiety and How Parents Can Help
    School anxiety symptoms are nothing new. Is there an adult alive that didn’t try to skip school to delay a test, sleep in or avoid an unpleasant social situation? We hid under the covers, faked an illness, begged and even threw tantrums depending on our level of desperation. And on occasion, our ploys worked, at least for the day. Read more
  • Overcoming Phobias & Irrational Fears: How Ann Got Her Groove Back
    Every one of us encounters situations that make us anxious, uncomfortable and yes, even fearful. It is part of the human experience and a primal urge that keeps us safe and prepared. Unlike these normal fears, fears from phobias are excessive, out-of-control and involuntary reactions that are not proportional to the circumstances, risks or dangers. While many who suffer from phobias realize that their distress is unwarranted and irrational, the anxiety persists, leaving them feeling like powerless participants in their own life story. Read more
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy & Hope for Better Mental Health
    It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention. And never has this proverb been more relevant than the story of Dr. Marsha Linehan and how her own mental illness contributed to the development of a groundbreaking new psychotherapy treatment called Dialectical Behavior Therapy, better known as DBT. Read more
  • Depression and social distancing
    Social distancing is the act of avoiding large gatherings, staying several feet away from the next person in the room, and most certainly not shaking hands, hugging or even fist bumping. Read more
  • Managing stress and anxiety about the coronavirus
    The media is in a frenzy. So is social media. So are families chatting over dinner. The fear and panic surrounding the virus is, for many, more frightening than the illness itself. Read more
  • How to mend a broken heart
    A quick Google search on just that -- how to mend a broken heart -- results in nearly 10 billion entries. “Can you die of a broken heart?” nets about 400 million results. It’s safe to say, then, that a broken heart may be just as common as the common cold -- and like the common cold, has no single, hard and fast, guaranteed cure. Read more
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