• What's the link between depression and sleep?
    Olivia, 45, had never been “much of a sleeper. “I was one of those weird people,” she says with a laugh, “who’d go to bed at like, midnight, and be up Read more
  • What does depression feel like?
    The following are two accounts from two individuals, both of whom have been battling depression for over three years.   Marlen is 38-year-old mother of two; she’s been married to her high Read more
  • What is imposter syndrome?
      In the 1970s, psychologist revealed something called the imposter phenomenon, a psychological pattern that causes a person to doubt their own skills and talents, fearing that they’ll be found out Read more
  • Tips for dating when you have anxiety
    Patrick was sober for 1,005 days when he started considering “going back out there and dating again.” A 40-year-old single dad of one, Patrick says that “my fear of intimacy is Read more
  • What is antisocial personality disorder?
    Antisocial sounds almost basic, doesn’t it? Usually, we use the term to explain someone who comes off as standoffish, prefers to be alone, and wants nothing to do with anyone. “Ugh, Read more
  • What is self-harm?
    When she was eight years old, Juliet took her father’s Swiss Army knife, fascinated by everything it could do. She marvelled at the idea it could perform as a pair Read more
  • How can I build my self-esteem?
    At 45, Felicia is what one would describe as successful – she’s a happily married wife to her college sweetheart, mom to two sons consistently on the honor roll, and Read more
  • What is panic disorder?
      As a teenager, Denise remembers being in her bedroom at her parents’ house, watching TV while painting her nails. It had been a quiet, uneventful Saturday afternoon, when suddenly she Read more
  • Can a person be addicted to food?
    At 25, Francesco had been a stellar athlete, a member of several amateur sport organizations in his small city. He’d battled obesity as a young child, and fought for years Read more
  • Depression and oversleeping: what's the link?
    For many hardworking Americans, more sleep is the ultimate dream. We rise to the sound of the alarm, and delight in the ability to hit the snooze button. We look forward to Read more
  • I was bullied as a child. I've had depression my whole adult life.
    The following story was shared with HOPE.    We immigrated to the United States when I was four years old from India. We spoke English – my parents were both professionals in Read more
  • Can nature impact our happiness?
    The late Wayne Dyer famously encouraged getting back to nature, to be in touch with the natural world, to be in awe of air, water, clouds, trees, birds, and grass. He Read more
  • Is there a connection between addiction and childhood trauma?
    Rick’s first memory of his father hitting him was from when he was five years old. “It probably started before that,” Rick admits, “but this is the earliest memory I have Read more
  • I have depression... and sexual addiction.
      This first-person account was shared with HOPE by Yvette, a 50-year-old warehouse associate. All names have been changed for privacy.   I was always the funny one in the family. I was Read more
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder in men
    “We’d make fun of Dad all the time… still kind of do,” says Anita, a choir director, with a laugh. Her father, Dan, was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), nearly Read more
  • What is performance anxiety?
    Ask any athlete, singer, dancer or public speaker. Performance anxiety is very real. Performance anxiety, put simply, is the fear to perform something specific – usually something that must be accomplished in Read more
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