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  • How to spot your triggers for drug relapse
    Regardless of what your triggers are and how often they come up for you, the best thing to do is to be able to identify them before you’re gravely affected by them. Expecting that you’ll have triggers is also good practice; planning for how you’re going to overcome them is even better. Read more
  • How to recognize warning signs of relapse
    Not everyone who uses drugs or alcohol or participates in bad behavior will develop addictive behaviors. Similarly, not everyone who seeks recovery will relapse. However, relapse is a normal and common part of recovery. Some start using or drinking again, thinking they can “control it this time,” or to fit back in socially, or to escape the difficulties and challenges of sobriety. There are warning signs you should be aware of that would put you at risk for developing those addictive behaviors again, and slipping into relapse. Read more
  • Five things to do when you’re really sad
    There is a difference between sadness and depression. Learn what to do when you're sad and need help getting back to yourself again. Read more
  • Finding the Courage to Seek Treatment from Addiction
    You've slowly realized you need help for drug or alcohol dependence - Learn what the next steps are now. Read more
  • Holiday Depression - Is there such a thing as holiday depression?
    Holiday depression, or holiday sadness, is quite real. Holiday depression begins as autumn leaves start falling throughout the country, brought on by the first hints of Thanksgiving and often carrying through until New Year’s Day. Read more
  • Am I Depressed or Sad?
    Are you depressed or are you sad? Learn more about the difference between depression and sadness today. Read more
  • 5 Ways to Deal with Depression
    What is depression and how do you treat it? We've got 5 tips for dealing with depression that you can start doing today! Read more
  • Some People Get Addicted To Drugs And Others Don’t: How Do I Know If I Will Get Addicted?
    Why do some people get addicted to drugs and others don’t? Learn more about how different people get addicted to different drugs. Read more
  • How to Have Better Coping Skills
    Important life events, whether they are good or bad, can cause mental stress. If you want to relieve this stress, you might try different ways of thinking, or new behaviors and activities. These thoughts, behaviors, and activities are called coping mechanisms. Read more
  • Iceland Experiment with Teen Drug and Alcohol Use
    There are lots of ways to get help with addiction. Every country has their own approach - Learn how Iceland is combating addiction Read more
  • 5 Common Fears About Going to Therapy
    Some people are afraid to seek therapy - There are lots of reasons why someone wouldn't seek help and we've rounded up some of the top reported reasons. Learn why therapy is the best option today. Read more
  • Therapy Myths Debunked
    There are a lot of myths surrounding therapy - We are here to bust all the myths you've heard about seeking treatment. Read more
  • Does Therapy Work: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Therapy
    Are you on the fence about therapy? If you're unable to decide if therapy is right for you, read this article. Read more
  • Treatment and Causes for Personality Disorders
    What causes personality disorders and how are they treated? Read more
  • What Is A Personality Disorder?
    Do you or a loved one have a personality disorder? Learn more about personality disorders in the first installment of our two part personality disorder blog series. Read more
  • All You Need To Know: Therapy Dogs For PTSD
    The conversation about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is getting louder. No longer are we in the days of whispered mentions of ‘shell shock’ or fearing those who may have flashbacks. In fact, the discussion on PTSD has become so widespread that most people you ask will know exactly what the acronym stands for. And that’s great news because the more we talk about it, the more we squash the stigma. Read more
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