• I have depression. Is that why I have memory loss?
    Peter, 45, thought he was developing early onset Alzheimer’s after a drive to a familiar local hotspot suddenly felt foreign and new. “My grandfather had Alzheimer’s, and so did my aunt, Read more
  • Does my child have an anxiety disorder?
    It can be tough for kids and teens to recognize that they’re dealing with anxiety. They might be scared or worried, or they might have a hard time sleeping. They Read more
  • How do I manage my anxiety when I'm in a traumatic situation?
    It seems that every day, we’re reading about war, or abuse, or violence, or some other horrifying circumstance we would never hope to be in. But some of us sometimes find Read more
  • What is depression?
    Everyone has feelings of sadness now and again. It’s a normal part of life, and just because we get sad doesn’t mean we’re depressed. But when those feelings of sadness persist, Read more
  • April's story
    This week, HOPE’s writer interviewed April, a 22-year-old with depression. Names have been changed for privacy. This is her account of her experience in her own words.   Depression runs in my Read more
  • What should I know about medication for depression?
    In certain circumstances, depression can be managed with talk therapy alone. In other situations, medicine may be an option. The fact is, regardless of what has been suggested to you, you Read more
  • Help! I have anxiety over everything
    Everyone, at one time or another, feels the pain of stress or the sting of worry. Are there layoffs coming? Can I afford gas if it keeps going up? Does Read more
  • Why is it so important to talk about mental health?
      Millions of Americans are diagnosed with one form of mental illness or other in any given year; but even with so many diagnoses, there remains a stigma around mental illness, Read more
  • Help! My depression is getting worse
      In late 2021, Lauren, who’d been diagnosed in her teens with depression but was now in her late 20s, felt like “something was off. “I’ve lived with depression so long that Read more
  • Can anxiety affect relationships?
    Meg, a 34-year-old retail associate, was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder when she was 28, after a tumultuous divorce from her childhood sweetheart.“I was so exhausted. Breakups like that really Read more
  • Why is self-care so important?
      It seems like a buzzword, a phrase we see often on Instagram posts and Facebook shares. But does anyone actually, actively participate in self-care? The good news is that many people Read more
  • Real talk: what is self-harm?
    In 2019, nervous and “twitchy,” Christa says she thoughtlessly scraped the inside of her arm with the sharp, flat end of a tweezer, drawing blood in the process. “I remember Read more
  • What do I do if my coworker seems depressed?
    What do I do if my coworker seems depressed?   Mental Health America recently published the following facts: Depression is one of the top three workplace problems for employee assistance professionals, trailing slightly Read more
  • How to stop a panic attack
    In 2015, Marlowe experienced his first panic attack. At the age of 48, Marlowe says he’d always been “healthy – I’d always eaten right, watched my cholesterol and sugar intake, all Read more
  • Can I fight anxiety naturally?
    First, what is anxiety? Anxiety is a disorder. Many people with anxiety report excessive apprehension and general uneasiness. Some people experience panic attacks, while others partake in compulsive behavior. They’re often Read more
  • Can a breakup cause depression?
    After six years together, two of them long-distance, Barry and Andrea found themselves fighting more than they were laughing, avoiding each other more than seeking togetherness. “If we weren’t in some Read more
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