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  • Are menopause and depression related?
    Beverly, 43, is an artist and a sculptor. At the age of 19, when she lost her father to a car accident, she’d fallen in a deep depression, which lasted Read more
  • What is double depression?
      To understand double depression, we first have to understand depressive disorders. Depressive disorders are a group of mental health disorders that carry with them some or all of the following symptoms: Read more
  • Is depression possible in children?
    Although we typically hear of depression in young adults, adults and even adolescents, we rarely hear of talk about depression in children – but it is possible. Depression in kids, however, Read more
  • Are there triggers for depression?
    It seems the word trigger can be a trigger in and of itself, and no wonder – reports have revealed that up to 10% of American adults live with depression, Read more
  • How to live with a depressed person
    In their first year of marriage, Dominic and Amy discovered a lot about each other, as newly married couples do. Amy learned that Dominic was an early bird – really Read more
  • No, depression is not all in your head
      Susan cringes visibly when remembering a conversation with her new sister-in-law, Debbie, ten years ago. Recently diagnosed with epilepsy and diabetes, Susan was in an emotional spiral, and couldn’t shake her Read more
  • Are t here different types of depression?
    Although we all feel sad at one time or another, when those terrible feelings don’t go away after two weeks straight and it seems that you can’t function normally, you Read more
  • My spouse was unfaithful. Could I have PTSD?
    When we hear the term PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, often the images that flash through our minds are of soldiers triggered by the memories of war. We think of Read more
  • Questions to ask yourself before you quit therapy
    Angela had been in therapy for the last year; having lost her grandfather, who’d raised her, just as the pandemic hit, and then losing her job as a result of Read more
  • Do I have postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety?
    At 28 years old, Malia was delighted to have had an easy pregnancy – she’d had no major health issues, was thrilled with newfound glowing skin after having suffered from Read more
  • What is catastrophic thinking?
    Jamie, 19, is a college student who was diagnosed with anxiety at 13. She says that while she has been able to manage her anxiety through the years, the toughest Read more
  • How writing helped me with my depression
    The following post was told to HOPE. Names have been changed for privacy. My name is Bill, and I’m 55. I believe I’ve had depression since I was 18, but wasn’t Read more
  • How to let go
    When you’re clinically depressed or anxious, the age-old phrase “let it go” can seem hurtful or demeaning, as if people are asking you to just “shrug off” your pain. But Read more
  • What is high-functioning anxiety?
    Tips for those with high-functioning anxiety Read more
  • Shame
    Shame – it’s the accompanying emotion to depression and anxiety. If you suffer from depression or any kind of anxiety disorder, you may be dealing with feelings of shame too. It’s Read more
  • Positive parenting: A guide for parenting a child with ADHD
    Parenting is, so often, full of negative reinforcement – “No, you cannot wear shorts in the snow,” and “No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to eat ice cream and hot dogs for breakfast.” To be able to say yes feels so refreshing. Read more
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