• What is anticipatory grief?
    In 2019, when her grandfather was already 93 years old, Marjorie stopped visiting his apartment. In 2020, at the onset of the pandemic, her grandfather peacefully passed away… alone.Today, as Read more
  • What is borderline personality disorder?
    By 2012, Leah had been married for ten years to a man she loved deeply and wholly. In those ten years, she had also had affairs with numerous men, created Read more
  • What is... enochlophobia?
    Have you ever walked, mortified, into a crowded mall the week of Christmas, met by thousands of crazed, confused and rushed shoppers? Have you ever entered an amusement park excitedly, Read more
  • What is obsessive love disorder?
    We’ve all seen the movies – the ones where one party is desperate to be with another, the soundtrack painfully dramatic while the desperate person spends two and a half Read more
  • Depression and the elderly
    In 2019, Emily lost her husband of 70 years, Richard. They’d been high school sweethearts; Emily recalls Richard chasing after her in the hallways of their small-town school, juggling his Read more
  • My child has separation anxiety and refuses to go to school. Help!
    As the summer winds down, millions of children are getting ready to head back to school. For most of them, it’s an exciting and happy occasion, hugging friends they haven’t Read more
  • Are ADHD and depression linked?
    ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – and depression can, like other conditions, can certainly coexist. As a matter of fact, experts estimate that depression is three times more likely Read more
  • What is dialectical behavior therapy?
    You’ve probably heard of cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT, which is a therapy model based on the idea that your thoughts and feelings are all connected in a way, and Read more
  • How do I talk to my child about my depression?
    When Michael was diagnosed with depression at the age of 38, his first thought, he says, was about his children. “The boys were 10, 8 and 7 at the time,” he Read more
  • Are these just nerves, or is this anxiety?
    Sara had been steadily climbing up the corporate ladder at work – she’d begun as a part-time, seasonal employee at a small, upscale clothing boutique in the quiet town she’d Read more
  • What is depersonalization disorder?
    If you’ve ever felt detached from your own body and thoughts, as well as your feelings, or if you’ve ever felt disconnected from the world around you, you may be Read more
  • What are some lesser-known symptoms of anxiety?
    Typically, when people hear about anxiety symptoms, it’s restlessness, irritability, and difficulty controlling those scary, worrisome fears. But there are actually other symptoms you might dismiss or fail to recognize as Read more
  • What's the connection between anxiety and sleep?
    Have anxiety and can’t sleep?You’re not alone.It feels like a never-ending cycle, doesn’t it? Your mind is racing, so you can’t sleep; and because you can’t sleep, you’re exhausted the Read more
  • How can I quickly address stress?
    Looking for easy ways to destress? Read more
  • Does depression make you gain weight?
    Whether it’s from antidepressants, or the lack of motivation to get up and get moving, people with depression certainly do report gaining weight. Some medications warn of weight gain as Read more
  • Do you have high-functioning depression?
    In 1994, Brian was on top of the world -- he'd been promoted at his advertisement agency, recently married his college sweetheart, and just put a down payment on Read more
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