• All about heartbreak and depression
    As Valentine's Day draws near, we're thinking about heartbreak -- and its connection to depression.  Heartbreak and depression are two of the most common and debilitating emotional experiences that people can Read more
  • What causes childhood anxiety?
    Childhood anxiety is a growing concern among parents and healthcare professionals. It is a normal part of development for children to experience some level of anxiety, but when it becomes Read more
  • Is my stress stressing my kids out?
    Ah, stress. The six-letter word that doesn’t escape anyone, regardless of circumstance, household income, marital status, or age. Some of us, right this very second, are stressed out about money, Read more
  • I'm in menopause, but my worst symptoms are emotional. Could I have depression?
    In 2019, Cady – a self-described “happily married, ecstatically employed mom of four beauties” felt like “things were changing.” At 52, Cady says she felt on top of the world. Her Read more
  • Why is ADHD so often misdiagnosed in women?
    Marianne, now 44, says she was always told as a child that she was “just a talkative kid,” often getting in trouble with her teachers for being chatty and silly. “I Read more
  • How nature helps with our mental health
    In these first few weeks of the year, when most of the country is feeling the deepest chill of the season, connecting with nature could be the last thing on Read more
  • How can I deal with my envy? It's making me anxious and depressed.
    Carlie, a recent nursing graduate, has been working on the mental health floor of her small, local hospital for the last six weeks. While excited to be working in the Read more
  • Can your body feel emotional trauma?
    Milo and Dee have been married for 10 years. Two years into their marriage, Dee was unfaithful. Milo discovered her infidelity through an unlocked tablet, where chats between Dee and Read more
  • I have high-functioning depression: Linda's story
    The following story was shared with HOPE Therapy and Wellness. Names have been changed.   I turned 33 this year, which means I’ve had depression for about 13 years. To be honest, Read more
  • How is ADHD connected to dopamine?
    If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, you know the symptoms well: a repetitive pattern of hyperactivity, inattention, and challenges in interpersonal connection Read more
  • I'm recovering from an eating disorder. How can I cope during the holidays?
    If you’ve struggled with an eating disorder and are now in recovery, the holiday season might make you a bit nervous. There’s so much emphasis on food during this time Read more
  • Got the holiday blues?
    For many parts of the country, November and December represent the toughest season of the year: the holidays. While the holidays are typically painted in commercials as a time of joy, Read more
  • Feeling stuck?
    It’s December, and for some people, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time to get together with friends and family members we haven’t seen in ages, time Read more
  • Am I just shy or do I have social anxiety disorder?
    “Ben was a first-year marketing student in my class,” shares Bianca, a 44-year-old community college instructor. “At the end of the term, instead of having to write a final exam, Read more
  • What is paranoia?
    Have you ever felt like something bad was about to happen? Or have you ever avoided going to an event because you just had this sinking feeling that you couldn’t Read more
  • How can I deal with holiday stress?
    How can I deal with holiday stress? With Thanksgiving having just passed, it means the holidays are, for many, in full swing. Black Friday saw millions of shoppers descending upon stores Read more
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