• Anxiety and ADHD
    Emily also has adult ADHD. Six months ago, she was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. This is her story. Anxiety is often a standalone diagnosis. So is ADHD. But for approximately half of people living with ADHD, anxiety is present as well. ADHD and stress very typically go hand in hand. Read more
  • Traveling with kids on the autism spectrum
    Traveling can be a very nerve-wracking and tense time for families affected by autism. Because kids who have autism spectrum disorder thrive on routine, regularity and predictability, parents should take care to ensure the travel experience is smooth, comfortable and unsurprising. Following are some tips on how to make the travel experience as enjoyable as possible for the whole family. Read more
  • Compulsive buying
    Impulse buying. Compulsive buyers may or may not keep a list of the items they want to buy, but they also generally don’t think first before whipping out the plastic. They buy things they don’t necessarily need, but are instead overwhelmed with the desire to buy something just to have something new. Read more
  • My friend is a kleptomaniac – how can I help?
    Kleptomania is an impulse control disorder. It’s marked by the inability to stop oneself from the urge to steal. Usually, the individual with kleptomania steals item that he or she doesn’t even need, and are probably items that don’t have much monetary value. Experts explain that the disorder is characterized by challenges with self-control and emotions; when a person with kleptomania has the urge to steal something, the pressure is on until he or she commits the act. Even with the potential of major repercussions – guilt, remorse, even an arrest – the kleptomaniac feels the need to steal anyway. Read more
  • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for People with Autism
    You may have heard of Dialectic Behavioral Therapy™ (DBT). It falls under and umbrella of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies that focus on changing thought processes and behaviors. It is most commonly applied to people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder to regulate emotions. More recently we’ve seen practical applications for people with Autism and other Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities. Read more
  • Learning to love who you are sober
    Learning to love and be in relationships with others in recovery can be challenging. You must first learn to love yourself before you love someone else. For someone in recovery, that can feel impossible. Learn how to manage relationships in recovery. Read more
  • Ways to stay sober at family or friends’ gatherings
    Here are our best ways to stay sober at family or friends’ gatherings - It can be difficult but with these tips, staying sober is possible. Read more
  • Confronting a loved one about their addiction
    Experts and mental health professionals will advise that the best time to get help for anyone abusing substances or addictive behaviors is always right now. Don’t wait. Addiction is progressive, and a person’s descent is often rapid. Read more
  • What Makes Drugs So Addictive?
    What makes drugs so addictive? Read on to learn what effects drugs have on the body as well as why some people are more predisposed to addiction and others aren't. Read more
  • Working memory and ADHD
    Do you or someone you love suffer from ADHD? Learn more about Adult ADHD and how working memory plays a role. Read more
  • 5 Easy Tips for Dealing with Anxiety
    Everyone feels a bit of stress and anxiety now and again. You might be dealing with nerves over financial issues, a big exam at school, or a major project at work. You may be faced with an important decision, and it’s making you worried, concerned, or troubled. That’s normal – it’s a fact of life that everyone feels a bit of stress sometimes. Read more
  • Decreasing Holiday Anxiety
    Are you dreading the holiday season or are you ready? Either way most people feel nervous as Christmas comes closer. Read on to learn how to manage holiday anxiety. Read more
  • 5 Ways to Deal with Depression
    What is depression and how do you treat it? We've got 5 tips for dealing with depression that you can start doing today! Read more
  • Some People Get Addicted To Drugs And Others Don’t: How Do I Know If I Will Get Addicted?
    Why do some people get addicted to drugs and others don’t? Learn more about how different people get addicted to different drugs. Read more
  • How to Have Better Coping Skills
    Important life events, whether they are good or bad, can cause mental stress. If you want to relieve this stress, you might try different ways of thinking, or new behaviors and activities. These thoughts, behaviors, and activities are called coping mechanisms. Read more
  • Therapy Myths Debunked
    There are a lot of myths surrounding therapy - We are here to bust all the myths you've heard about seeking treatment. Read more
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