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  • Social isolation has made me depressed: Nick's story
    The following story was told to HOPE Therapy and Wellness. Names have been changed for privacy.   In late 2019, I moved from California to a small town in the Midwest. At Read more
  • How do I deal with continued pandemic-induced social anxiety?
    As Omicron continues to sweep the country, it would be no wonder if you felt that persistent, scary internal freak-out. You’re not alone. It seems as though a lot of us are Read more
  • Men and Depression
    Michael, 49, found himself at 40 divorced for the second time and battling his now-ex-wife for custody of their three daughters. At the same time, he’d been laid off from Read more
  • Can COVID-19 be responsible for my depression?
    Long-term effects of COVID-19 on the brain are still being studied, but recent data shows that at least a third of infected patients have also developed neurological symptoms. Harvard Health Read more
  • Can my depression come back?
    Nearing the end of 2021, Jenelle was hopeful. She had found a new job at the beginning of the year, despite so many businesses shutting their doors in her small city. Read more
  • How can I get motivated when I'm so depressed?
    Depression is a very common mental disorder, affecting millions of Americans every year. And if you have depression, that might bring you comfort, knowing that many people all over this Read more
  • What's it like having anxiety?
    The following is Anne’s story; she shares with HOPE what living with anxiety is like. Names have been changed for privacy.  I’ve had anxiety for so long – I’m 32 – Read more
  • Help. I am emotionally overwhelmed.
    One doesn’t have to be diagnosed with anxiety and depression to feel emotional overwhelm, which by itself can be so very consuming. Many of us will feel emotional overwhelm at Read more
  • Social media and anxiety
    The following are stories shared from three members of the same family; each of them report having anxiety around the use of social media. They’ve shared with HOPE how social Read more
  • How do I talk to my child about anxiety?
      Emma was eight years old when she had her first dance recital. Her mother, Alyssa, recalls the excitement before the big show – Emma had been thrilled about dressing up Read more
  • Do I have depression or anxiety? Can I have both?
    This is not an uncommon question – you most certainly can have both depression and anxiety at the same time. They are, however, different conditions, even though it’s common for them Read more
  • What's the link between depression and sleep?
    Olivia, 45, had never been “much of a sleeper. “I was one of those weird people,” she says with a laugh, “who’d go to bed at like, midnight, and be up Read more
  • What does depression feel like?
    The following are two accounts from two individuals, both of whom have been battling depression for over three years.   Marlen is 38-year-old mother of two; she’s been married to her high Read more
  • What is imposter syndrome?
      In the 1970s, psychologist revealed something called the imposter phenomenon, a psychological pattern that causes a person to doubt their own skills and talents, fearing that they’ll be found out Read more
  • Tips for dating when you have anxiety
    Patrick was sober for 1,005 days when he started considering “going back out there and dating again.” A 40-year-old single dad of one, Patrick says that “my fear of intimacy is Read more
  • What is antisocial personality disorder?
    Antisocial sounds almost basic, doesn’t it? Usually, we use the term to explain someone who comes off as standoffish, prefers to be alone, and wants nothing to do with anyone. “Ugh, Read more
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