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  • 5 tips for adults dealing with ADHD and irritability
    For many adults with ADHD, one of the symptoms most reported isn’t the inability to stay still or to listen to members of authority - but rather the intrusive and unpleasant feelings of irritability that can arise even at the smallest and most trivial of moments. Read more
  • 5 foods to avoid if you have ADHD
    Many experts believe that there are foods to avoid with ADHD; it’s said that what people eat can actually impact or exacerbate ADHD symptoms. Mental health experts are often asked if this actually the case, and while research is continually being conducted to find out definitely if diet worsens or brings on ADHD symptoms, professionals urge parents of kids with ADHD (or adults with ADHD) to consider the elimination of certain foods and the consumption of certain foods. Read more
  • Learning to love who you are sober
    Learning to love and be in relationships with others in recovery can be challenging. You must first learn to love yourself before you love someone else. For someone in recovery, that can feel impossible. Learn how to manage relationships in recovery. Read more
  • Ways to stay sober at family or friends’ gatherings
    Here are our best ways to stay sober at family or friends’ gatherings - It can be difficult but with these tips, staying sober is possible. Read more
  • Confronting a loved one about their addiction
    Experts and mental health professionals will advise that the best time to get help for anyone abusing substances or addictive behaviors is always right now. Don’t wait. Addiction is progressive, and a person’s descent is often rapid. Read more
  • What Makes Drugs So Addictive?
    What makes drugs so addictive? Read on to learn what effects drugs have on the body as well as why some people are more predisposed to addiction and others aren't. Read more
  • Tips for managing ADHD
    Do you or someone you love suffer from ADHD? Learn how to properly identify, manage and treat ADHD. Read more
  • Treatment for ADHD
    Treatment for ADHD can seem complex since there are so many options available. We dive into all treatment options so you know your options for treatment of ADHD. Read more
  • Five tips on having a happy marriage and managing ADHD
    Is your marriage struggling? Here are five tips to have a happy marriage and manage your ADHD. Read more
  • What is the difference between stress and anxiety?
    What is the difference between stress and anxiety? We all feel stress from time to time but is it anxiety? Learn how to spot the difference today. Read more
  • Video Game Addiction
    Have you wondered if your child has a video game addiction? Video game addiction has now become recognized as a mental disorder. Read more
  • Working memory and ADHD
    Do you or someone you love suffer from ADHD? Learn more about Adult ADHD and how working memory plays a role. Read more
  • Chronic illness and its link to depression
    Can chronic pain lead to depression? Can depression lead to chronic pain? Read on for the link between chronic illness and depression. Read more
  • Postpartum Depression
    Most new mothers report feeling mood swings and confusing emotions after birth, which is very normal. Some mothers feel a deep, lasting sorrow that doesn’t seem to lift. It’s ongoing, overbearing, and seemingly bottomless and profound. This is what’s known as postpartum depression. Read more
  • What’s the difference between situational and clinical depression?
    Do you have clinical depression or situational depression? Do you know what the difference is? Learn more about depression and how to treat it. Read more
  • 5 Tips for Helping a Spouse with Anxiety
    Does your husband or wife suffer from anxiety? Anxiety is common and effects millions of people each year. Learn how you can help your loved one deal with their anxiety. Read more
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