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How can I quickly address stress?


It’s Sunday night, and you’re panicked. The first weekday morning seems so close, and you’re dreading going to bed because the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll fall asleep – and the sooner you’ll wake up to that dreaded Monday.

Sound familiar?

It does to Abby, a 28-year-old advertising executive, and part-time yoga instructor.

“I’m in a really fast paced job during the week, and it’s super high stress, because it’s so competitive,” she explains. “I’m really lucky because I practice yoga and I can look forward to that mini getaway once or twice a day. But just because I do yoga doesn’t mean I’m like, zen all the time and don’t get the Sundays! I definitely do!”

Many people are like Abby – they’re not necessarily clinically depressed, but they do experience anxiety and panic now and again.

And maybe it’s not “the Sundays” that makes you panic. Maybe it’s your finances, or your relationship. Maybe it’s that you’re at a crossroads at work. Maybe you’re trying to decide between two different paths, and both seem great, but you just can’t make a decision, and it’s stressing you out.

The thing is, everyone experiences stress. And everyone could always use a way to break through it.

If you’re looking for ways to address your stress, here are some helpful tips.

Work out. No, exercise won’t completely erase your stress, but it will help by reducing some of that emotional weight. Exercise releases those feel-good chemicals everyone’s always talking about. Hop on a treadmill or put on your sneakers and head out for a brisk 20-minute walk, and soon you’ll feel a little clearer, a little lighter.

Know your power. Yes – your power! So much is actually in your control. When we’re stressed and anxious, it’s because we’re likely worrying about things that haven’t even yet happened. We become fantastic fortune tellers, don’t we? So let’s shift gears and become fantastic, fearless superheroes of our own lives instead. It’s so empowering to remember there is so much we can and do still control.

Connect in real-time. Put down your phone and visit a friend. Give someone a hug. Ask someone to join you for coffee. Face-to-face, human-to-human contact does wonders for stress levels.

Laugh a little, or a lot. Here’s where you Netflix and giggle. Or Amazon Prime and giggle. Whatever you like! The key is to find something that makes you laugh. Maybe it’s a show you’ve watched a thousand times that makes you feel good. Or maybe it’s a real-life friend who should have their own stand-up routine already. Laughing is wonderful for the soul. And even if your stress does come back, hey, for those few minutes you’re laughing, it feels good, doesn’t it?

Get away. Do something just for you! Get your nails done. Catch a movie on your own. Book a short trip. Sit by the water at dawn and watch the sun set. Get away from the every day and do something you love, something that’s just yours.

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